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We hope to join forces with as many community partners as possible to spread the word about our programs.

“It takes a village to raise a child” is a proverb that originated in Africa but is commonly used in many places now, because it has proven to be good advice around the world, in various areas of life. When we first came up with the Get That Deed program to help families with buying their first home, we knew that we would need a village (or community, in this case) to be able to reach as many families with our message as possible to be able to do the most good. By establishing a nice relationship with community partners and leaders in Wilmington, North Carolina and the surrounding area, it is our hope to make it possible for anyone who desires to achieve the American Dream of homeownership, to achieve affordable housing and to break generational tenant cycles in their family to do just that.

Community Partners in Wilmington, North Carolina

In addition to working with families one-on-one, we do 15-45 minute info sessions for employees of businesses and members of community organizations. Our intention is to reach every family who need us here at Get That Deed, but also to form relationships with community partners and leaders who care about the affordable housing plight of the families they are connected to.  By working together, we can help many families in our community who genuinely want and need guidance to become a first-time homeowner.

We exist to only focus on giving the working families not only hope, but also the help and guidance, so they can stop signing leases and start recording deeds. We look forward to establishing more relationships and joining forces with as many employers, community organizations, churches, and municipalities as possible, so that the positive impacts and joys of ownership for these families can be felt by many.

FAQs About Our Community Partners

If you run a business or nonprofit organization, you may wish to expand your influence and help out members of your local community At Get That Deed, we offer an opportunity for local businesses and organizations that want to help families in our area achieve their dream of homeownership. Below are some questions we have answered about our community partners.

What kind of community partners are you looking for?
We want to partner with any business or organization that wants to do good in their local community. If this is part of your organization’s mission, we want to talk to you.
What do your community partners do?

As one of our community partners, we will provide 15-45-minute presentations to your team about becoming a homeowner to meet as many potential homeowners as possible. You can also provide donations of your time to help us work with even more families.

Are you looking for new community partners?
Yes! There is no limit on the number of our community partners. If you want to get involved and help families become homeowners, we would love to partner with you.
How many families have you helped become homeowners?
With the help of our community partners and other resources, we have helped 80 families become homeowners. And we are currently in the process of working with 40 additional families to achieve this goal.
How can I learn more?
If you want to learn more about becoming one of our community partners and what this opportunity involves, contact us today.