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With our first-time home buyer programs, you can trade your lease for a deed!

There are few things we all can do in life that we excel at or just know how to do without any training or help. When it comes to buying your first home, this is not one of those things.  In fact, most people lack the knowledge of what the 1st steps are that it takes to get started.  No one gets excited about signing another lease, so it is time to help your family record a deed instead. If you work with Get That Deed, we can help you become a homeowner in the next 18 months or less, no matter your current finances. Your family can achieve this and get that deed and those keys to your own home.

First-Time Home Buyer Programs in Wallace, North Carolina
Our founder, Brenda Dixon, has been a real estate agent for 30+ years and repeatedly saw clients come to her wanting to buy a house and then disappear after they went to the bank and were turned down. She realized that by the families never getting the answers to why they were turned down and what they could do to eventually qualify, they were missing out on achieving their dream of homeownership. She decided to change that with and came up with our first-time home buyer programs to help any family Get That Deed.

Since 2014, we have helped more than 150 families become homeowners with our first-time home buyer programs. We have no plans to stop there as we want every family in Wallace, North Carolina and the surrounding areas who wants to achieve the American Dream to succeed. We are moving full speed ahead by forming alliances with employers who care, community organizations and leaders who desire to help the essential working families gain affordable housing.   We will also be increasing our partnering with other real estate agents in our area and beyond who care as much as we do about helping their clients who need help the most. Reach out to us today to make this year the one your family started the process to get a deed instead of another renewed lease.

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